Remembrance and Rejuvenation

This week, we honoured Remembrance Day as a community. The ceremony was sombre but beautiful, as always. Our very own Mattea did a reading and several other boarders sang in the choir or played in the orchestra.

SMUS Remembers

The long weekend brought a lot of rain, but also a lot of time to relax, rejoice and rejuvenate! There were lots of activities on offer, including karaoke, cooking classes, and a visit to a local craft market. With just over a month to go before the winter break, we can feel the energy starting to shift and we look forward to celebrating the holiday season in the weeks to come!

Sushi Night!

Given the rain, there was lots of cozy time spent crafting…

As well as students braving the rain to find crabs to cook!

All in all, the Winslow students had a lovely weekend and appreciated the chance to take a break from school work, rest and rejuvenate.

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