Racing Around The Clock

Another jam-packed week here in Winslow and around campus!

After coming down from the Halloween sugar rush, we got right back into the second week of our new term, and many students had assessments and tests. We took down the Halloween decor and then got right into a BIG week of sports, with Field Hockey, Rowing, and Cross Country athletes competing in big meets and regattas! The energy was high and all of Winslow was really filled wth cheering and support — it felt like family! The rowers won many of the races and Field Hockey placed 2nd in the province! Saturday activities ranged from a trip to Sidney, walk through Butchart Gardens, the Goldstream Salmon run, and an IMAX movie! The clocks went back an hour leading into Sunday, so we gained an hour of rest and an hour of light, but it definitely will take a little adjusting to! Ready for another short week here, and looking forward to a bit of respite on the long weekend!

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