Spring has sprung!

Crocuses are popping up around Victoria, the days are longer, and our students are matching the rejuvenating spring energy this week with their initiative and laughter. Undoubtedly the semester ending contributes to high spirits, also!

This weekend was a festive and social one for Winslow: Friday was a mix and mingle movie night hosted by Claire L. There was a wonderful turnout with a mix of different grades and houses. Saturday activity day involved a trip to a farmers market, a successful baking day, a movie out and arts and crafts. On Sunday, Koto and Claire H. (with help from many others) organized a bake sale to generate donations for Pheonix, a local organization that is providing support to the Ukraine. Finally, the week ended on a celebratory note as Winslow House hosted Chapel and led us through a number of adapted songs, which included our own rendition of “We Are Family”; “Set Fire to the Rain” by Iris and Charleze; a Winslow rap by Natasza, Taeeun and Ava; and a wonderful spoken piece by Emma.

We are so grateful to have such caring, funny, intelligent and committed students in our house!

Koto and Claire assembling ice-cream sandwiches (above)
The whole helping crew!

Claire preparing blended fruit drinks for movie night!

Waiting for movie night to get started with popcorn and snacks.

The entire Winslow family practicing for Chapel – singing “We Are Family” under pink light (our house colours)

Tour to a farmers market on Saturday.

Cozy arts and crafts on a rainy spring afternoon.

… Have a wonderful break, Winslow. We hope you have a good rest and can’t wait to see you in April 🙂

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