Sunday Fun Day!

Winslow ended off the week with a break from our academics to show off our many talents at House Games! While part of team Winslow took on the other houses in a thrilling game of floor hockey, others showcased their acting and drawing skills in a Charades and Pictionary showdown. The competition was fierce and laughter filled the air!

Photos from our Floor Hockey Frenzy!

Pictures from Charades and Pictionary!

To end the day, we gathered in the common room for a house meeting to discuss important updates and plans for the upcoming week, our Hawaiian themed house dinner, our service initiatives, house chapel, and more. The Who am I? Kahoot was an especially exciting way to finish off the evening!

We are so grateful for the amazing students who make our community such a special place to be. We can’t wait to see what the next week holds!

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