Term 2 in full swing!


It’s been a busy start to term 2 to say the least, hence why you didn’t hear from us on the blog last weekend! Wow, everyone has hit the ground running for this new term and there has been a lot going on around the house these last two weeks. 

The Junior B volleyball team won their Bumpkin Pumpkin tournament. Nice work!! Saturday was a full day first with activities that included Quest Reality games escape room, a walk to Pelicana restaurant for some food, visiting the annual Goldstream salmon run, a trip to Galey farms, and yoga. The day finished off with a very spooooky haunted house with lots of great scares and decorations by our very own Charlize, Taeeun, and Fay. 

This week began with an epic Halloween parade during our Monday assembly. Some house highlights for costumes included: Natasza as a beautiful corpse bride, Claire as a fantastic teletubby, Ava as the legendary Drake, Amelie and Juliet in cozy moose costumes, Renata and Sihara as Disney princesses Snow White and Belle, and not one, not two but THREE Adam Sandlers from Ella, Ilona and Charlize. In the early evening, students trick or treated in Bolton house. 

Howlapalooza (open mic) was a great end to the night. Renata was amazing on the drums, Natasza and Micolaj did Polish rapping, and Ella and Claire performed a great rendition of Ice Ice Baby. 

What a week for our senior field hockey team! On Friday this week, in the cold wind and rain, the team played in their final championship game. SMUS counter attacked with two minutes remaining on the clock, which resulted in an equalizing goal to send the game to penalty shots. In the shootout the SMUS players were cool, calm and collected and came out the victors and thus became the provincial champions for the first time in thirty years! What a legacy for this team to leave behind. Well done! 

Saturday activities this week offered up a great variety of options that included: ice skating, card making, billiards, flying squirrel, trivia, laser tag, and yoga. 

Lots more coming up in the next few weeks! Stay tuned 🙂

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