This Week at Winslow House

This week marked our first full week of the new school year. Our studies and extracurricular activities are back in full swing. After a busy week, we kicked off the weekend with a very Winslow-like dance party, featuring some Just Dance videos and our house favorite, the Fitness Marshall YouTube channel. The common room was packed with students from Winslow and Barnacle and laughter and conversation were heard throughout the house. The rest of the night included Taylor Swift sing-a-longs and funny YouTube videos with the students dancing and singing right up until check-in. 

On Saturday, grade 8 to 10 students participated in a baking activity led by Ms. Marti. Sunday morning, we all bussed down to Dallas road to participate in the Terry Fox Run. It was a great experience for our  boarding community to be involved again after a three year break during the pandemic. The Winslow team ran and walked with full force and was committed to the cause and meaning of the run. It was a great and uplifting experience for our community, allowing us to build on our team spirit with wonderful energy and cheering from the Winslow members. It was a memorable and inspiring day!

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