Olympics, SMOscars, and Cheer…OH MY!

This wild and wonderful ride is nearing its end. This past week was filled with birthdays, assignments and the itch for summer was definitely present! We rallied as a House BIG TIME this weekend, as we worked together to prep from House Olympics. The entire Winslow family learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube and the spirit in the House was high, even amidst a busy season for sports championships and exams. The sun came out for us on Sunday, as we competed for the last time this year in a myriad of fun activities! We then dressed up for the annual “SMOscars” celebration, a fancy dinner for all of boarding and some awards were presented — Congrats to Charlize and Lizzy! It followed into a House-wide Dance Party! What a fun way to wrap up the month of May and kick off our last few weeks together before summer break!

House Olympics Challenge
Grade 8s at Chocolat Favoris

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