Singing into Spring

What a week :)! We kicked off March with a bang, preparing for our Chapel performances and speeches about standards and practices in boarding. This week, many Winslow students participated in the Senior School Musical, “Revue”, and did a SMASHING job performing popular Broadway tracks, an ode to past SMUS Musical performances. There was a sense of Spring spirit in the air, and even a few sunshine-y days. This made it easier for our rowers to compete at their regatta with much success and led to some fun outdoor activities on Saturday. These included hikes, walks, and beach time at Willows Beach, and Dallas Road!

Our House games have been postponed until after the holidays to continue our efforts in keeping the community safe. Our House has been really committed to keeping one another safe, happy and healthy, and everyone should be so proud of their efforts as we wrap up the term! Cheers to a restful, and joyful spring break!

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