Sunny Days!

A beautiful sunny weekend in February was met with cheer and smiles from Winslow!

This past week, the students participated in Service Day where students were encouraged to wear fun and colourful sports jerseys to raise funds for the Vancouver Island Circle Literacy Circle. The program is an opportunity for Indigenous Elders, Residential School Survivors, and Day School Survivors to learn literacy and life skills in a supportive, safe and self-paced environment. The turn out was excellent and we are very grateful to our Winslow boarders for participating.

Saturday Activities this weekend included Valentines Day Baking, a historical ‘Ghost Walk’ in downtown Victoria, a trip to Uptown Mall, a laser cutting lesson and yoga.

Laser cutting craft making!

A trip to Uptown Mall with blue-bird skies!

Valentines Day cookie making!

…The students are now gearing up for a short, sweet and busy week prior to leaving for the long weekend. Many students will depart to Whistler, some to sports tournaments, other to Vancouver and surrounding area home-stays. We hope they (and you) have a restful week and weekend.

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