FALLing for Autumn!

Fall is such a spectacular season on Canada’s west coast, and our Winslow crew had lots of opportunities to take it all in this week. Some of the options included carving pumpkins to decorate the boarding houses, a cooking class featuring classic fall recipes, a field trip to a Victoria’s newest attraction called the Malahat Skywalk, and lots of hikes, sports and outdoor time.

This is also a very busy time at the Senior School, as it marks the end of our first term. Evenings have been fairly quiet around here as everyone prepares for upcoming tests and assignments, and there have been a number of tournaments taking place around Victoria and the Lower Mainland. A huge congratulations goes out to Fay and Wynn for bringing home the bronze medal at this week’s Field Hockey ISA tournament! We’re so proud of all our Winslow Panthers who are working so hard right now.

We also had TWO birthdays in Winslow House this week. Ava turned 16 (and got her L!) and Vanessa turned 18 – both huge milestones! Happy Birthday!!

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