Gratitude is the best Attitude: Thanksgiving Weekend

We have so much to be grateful for as members of this incredible community at SMUS! The past week was very busy for the students, both academically (many assessments) and co-curricularly (lots of amazing sports!). However, it was really nice to take the time to check in with our Winslow Family and create beautiful fall art as we acknowledged our many blessings and the awesome crew of amazing individuals we have in the House. As we prepared for the first long weekend, we learned many new routines, continued SMUS’ journey into Indigenous Reconciliation with a ceremony, did some big room cleans and then finally were able to relax a little! It has been a long haul the past several weeks — but we made it!! Those that stayed on campus participated in a big variety of activities from hiking and yoga, to the trampoline, cooking, and bingo! There was much laughter, bonding, and rejuvenation. It culminated with a beautiful Thanksgiving Feast! Everyone put on their favourite attire and enjoyed lovely decor and table service, a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving feast, and pumpkin pie!

The end of this first semester or 6-week block in the Senior School is quickly approaching, so best of luck this week team! 🙂

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